Monday, June 30, 2008


WOW! Howdy Y'all! i cannot believe that we made it to Houston, finally! What a trip!! it took us three full days to get here form Spanish fork and it was sure eventful as most road trips are:) everyone had a turn being sick and Emma unfortunately got the brunt of it, of course, but she is doing much better now. We live in a town called Webster Texas which is considered to be Houston pretty much they are so close you don't know when you are in one town or the other! We are about thirty minutes form the beach which is in Galveston TX , we haven't been there, yet, but i'm sure it will be soon probably this weekend for the fourth! I'm doing well with the pregnancy eight weeks left and counting! David is loving his new position at his job and we love that he gets to work days after three years of the night shift, Yuck! Less hours and more pay is always good right? We are just unpacking right now and getting to know the area and the roads a little better and getting Emma enrolled in school, YIKES! i cant believe she is going to be 5! Crazy! We attended our new ward yesterday and it was the smallest ward i have ever been to, but the nicest people i have ever met. they were very welcoming and very helpful and of course Emma spent her time during primary hugging all the kids and telling them her name and that she just moved to Houston! That girl is never shy! Leif did okay in the nursery for a bit and then i had to go in with him but that is okay and understandable. he is so attached to Emma that he was asking for her until he saw her when it was all done, he is a little protective i think but very cute! well that is all for now i will try to get some new pics up tomorrow! hope you are all well, stay safe. love you all.