Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello! Here are some cute pics of the kids, emma has her new birthday hat and sunglasses on that she got from Grandma Wendy! she LOVES them! Thank you thank you! and leif is wearing his super spy goggles that make him invincible when fighting daddy! thought you would enjoy these!

fun weekend

well another week has come and gone, again! I feel like July is flying by, but i'm okay with that:) as far as i'm concerned august can get here as fast as it wants! Thank you Jarleen and Cami for your messages, we miss you all so much! We hope that you have a good time this week when mark and Erica get there, give them all a hug for us! We wish we could have seen them too! I cant believe that Erica's due date is Christmas day! It will be one eventful Christmas this year! We are all doing well here just trying to beat the heat it gets up to about 100 degrees with a hundred percent humidity, sounds good huh? Mom, i bet you would complain about the heat out here:), maybe. we went and looked at cribs and other baby items on Saturday which was fun but man it can get expensive! we also went and saw the movie "Get Smart" boy was that funny! it was a lot more funny than i thought it would be! which was good i just feel stupid laughing right now every time i do my stomach shakes! My bowl full of Jelly! Oh well not too much longer with that i hope:) we got the kids some life jackets for the pool and tested them out. It took a little getting used to but they were getting daring with them as time went on. Emma is getting really brave and will now but her face in the water and blow bubbles and float on her back! Leif is not so trusting yet although he like to jump to daddy from the highest ledge at the pool, which makes me very nervous but her loves it!
Emma has her first cardiology check up out here on Wednesday so hopefully that will go well and i hope we like her doctor! we are pretty spoiled with Dr. Day so we shall see! she has had a pretty bad cold this weekend but looks like she is doing better today so hopefully she is on the mend. Leif has been loving having david around and loves to wrestle , which i love as well then i dont have to wrestle! i dont think leif likes that i cant really hold him anymore but he is just going to have to get used to it! david is still loving his job and we love that!

I hope that you all have a great week, I will update everyone on wed. after Emma's appointment! stay safe and have fun! love you all!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Green smiley emma

Hello one and all i hope that you are all having a great week! We are doing good here in texas, hot but good. Thanks for your message dad. i'm glad i have such a great dad! I love you too. Not much new going on here just playing with the kids and hanging out. I was so happy to hear that katie and new little Truman are doing so well! i was able to see the pictures and he is ADORABLE! So cute! Good job bryan and katie , you made another cutie! I love his name too, very original but not weird , like stryker:) give Ed and Truman lots of kisses from us. I was also very happy to hear that Grandma Marvas Knee was not Cancer! I hope that it gets feeling better grandma , you are a trooper! Well not much to report, stay safe and have a great weekend! love you all.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cinderella & Snow White

WOW can you believe it has been two weeks? we got here two weeks ago today ! Crazy how time goes by. Thank you to you all who left messages its great to know that we are able to stay in contact from so far away! We had a great fourth of july weekend and on Saturday we took the kids to the Chuck E cheese that is by our house, they of course had a blast! i can only take so much of that place but when your that age it is heaven. It is so much fun to sit back and watch my children especially when they are having a good time! Like today , it was raining pretty bad this afternoon and so there wasn't much to do and the kids were bored so emma broke out her dress ups which is fine but leif not wanting to be left out of anything had to be a princess too:) if david gets on and looks at this i'm dead but it was just so darn cute and very funny that i had to snap a few pics! He kept it on for two seconds i could barley take any pictures! any who i thought that might get a few giggles:) I hear that bryan and Katie are having their baby today and i want to send my love to them both we hope all goes well! Good luck Katie!! I bet he is so cute so send lots of pictures for us. i'm sad i wont be there to see him :( such fun times! And good luck to grandma wendy with Ed we hope you all get some sleep! Emma has loved going to primary and has been walking around the house singing primary songs it is very cute and makes me happy that we are going. Its funny though instead of singing "Iam a child of God" she sings "Iam a child of the garden" I have been trying to tell her that its I am a child of God but she puts her hands on those little hips and gives me this look that says i know what iam talking about mom! Its so stinkin cute ! She is getting very excited for her birthday and asks every day if its her special day today but she will still have to wait a few more weeks i hope we can all last that long! Leif is getting to be an all out little brother and refuses to let emma be at peace he is taking great joy in bothering her when ever he can and thinks its hilarious when she gets so upset! it has been funny to watch, poor emma:) they are both excited for the baby and love to sit and watch my belly move . Leif always asks if he can "pet" the baby! What great kids! well that is all for now , we love you all and hope that you are all doing well and staying safe!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy fourth!

happy independence day! I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday! We started the day off with swimming in the pool, which is becoming a daily thing at our house:) its nice having it so close! the kids had a blast and love to swim and jump to David, i just get to sit there how nice is that?:) Our ward had a BBQ so we decided to check it out and see if we could meet some new people we just didn't think we would meet Katie's uncle!! Yep her uncle is in our ward and he is even in our bishopric! small small world eh? He was very welcoming and had some stories for us about his family . It was weird to talk to someone out here who knows Spanish fork so well! He is trying to rope David into scouting so we'll see how that goes:) he asked us what type of callings we have had and we really haven't had any because we haven't gone for so long but he sounds more than willing to give us some, LOL! I told him , as if he couldn't tell that i am having a baby and that is all i am concerned about right now! I don't think David will get so lucky though:) we had a great time visiting with everyone and getting to know them all better there are a good mix of people young and old and everyone is so nice and the kids made some friends so this week we have some play dates to go to! Emma and Leif were so excited to go see fireworks! Leif sadly thought Ed would be there and was a little upset when he wasn't! they were just getting to be friends! So tell Ed hi for us Bryan and Katie! Our town had some entertainment and then fireworks it was alot of fun , but wet! it rained so bad during the afternoon the ground was soaked but we still had a good time playing at the playground and listening to the good music and then watching the beautiful fireworks! what a great day! It was so nice to be all together and be able to be with David finally ! here are some pictures of our great day! love you all!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What do you think??

Hello again to you all! i hope that today finds you all happy and well. I, as most of you know, have had a hard time convincing my darling husband that Stryker is not a name for a child, especially OUR child! I have fought a great fight on this but alas have only come out somewhat victoriously in that it will be his middle name:( which NO ONE IS TO CALL HIM BY HIS MIDDLE NAME OR VARIOUS DEGREES OF TORTURE WILL TAKE PLACE! But I'm still trying to figure out what his first name. I have it narrowed down to three Noah, which is so far my favorite, Rome, And Gram. If you are willing let me know which one you like the most and which name you think it will be! eight weeks and counting!:) love you all. stay safe.

Monday, June 30, 2008


WOW! Howdy Y'all! i cannot believe that we made it to Houston, finally! What a trip!! it took us three full days to get here form Spanish fork and it was sure eventful as most road trips are:) everyone had a turn being sick and Emma unfortunately got the brunt of it, of course, but she is doing much better now. We live in a town called Webster Texas which is considered to be Houston pretty much they are so close you don't know when you are in one town or the other! We are about thirty minutes form the beach which is in Galveston TX , we haven't been there, yet, but i'm sure it will be soon probably this weekend for the fourth! I'm doing well with the pregnancy eight weeks left and counting! David is loving his new position at his job and we love that he gets to work days after three years of the night shift, Yuck! Less hours and more pay is always good right? We are just unpacking right now and getting to know the area and the roads a little better and getting Emma enrolled in school, YIKES! i cant believe she is going to be 5! Crazy! We attended our new ward yesterday and it was the smallest ward i have ever been to, but the nicest people i have ever met. they were very welcoming and very helpful and of course Emma spent her time during primary hugging all the kids and telling them her name and that she just moved to Houston! That girl is never shy! Leif did okay in the nursery for a bit and then i had to go in with him but that is okay and understandable. he is so attached to Emma that he was asking for her until he saw her when it was all done, he is a little protective i think but very cute! well that is all for now i will try to get some new pics up tomorrow! hope you are all well, stay safe. love you all.