Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello! Here are some cute pics of the kids, emma has her new birthday hat and sunglasses on that she got from Grandma Wendy! she LOVES them! Thank you thank you! and leif is wearing his super spy goggles that make him invincible when fighting daddy! thought you would enjoy these!


The Boyacks said...

Kids look like they are having a good summer! Have you choose a name for the baby yet. What about Ethan Striker? Also been meaning to find out where you published the book that you made for your mom?

Andrea Simons said...

Gosh, I sure miss you guys! I really love how emma and leif hold hands in so many pictures. They are so STINKING CUTE! Love you lots :)

Ms. Simons said...

We need to see more!!!

Love you!