Monday, July 7, 2008

Cinderella & Snow White

WOW can you believe it has been two weeks? we got here two weeks ago today ! Crazy how time goes by. Thank you to you all who left messages its great to know that we are able to stay in contact from so far away! We had a great fourth of july weekend and on Saturday we took the kids to the Chuck E cheese that is by our house, they of course had a blast! i can only take so much of that place but when your that age it is heaven. It is so much fun to sit back and watch my children especially when they are having a good time! Like today , it was raining pretty bad this afternoon and so there wasn't much to do and the kids were bored so emma broke out her dress ups which is fine but leif not wanting to be left out of anything had to be a princess too:) if david gets on and looks at this i'm dead but it was just so darn cute and very funny that i had to snap a few pics! He kept it on for two seconds i could barley take any pictures! any who i thought that might get a few giggles:) I hear that bryan and Katie are having their baby today and i want to send my love to them both we hope all goes well! Good luck Katie!! I bet he is so cute so send lots of pictures for us. i'm sad i wont be there to see him :( such fun times! And good luck to grandma wendy with Ed we hope you all get some sleep! Emma has loved going to primary and has been walking around the house singing primary songs it is very cute and makes me happy that we are going. Its funny though instead of singing "Iam a child of God" she sings "Iam a child of the garden" I have been trying to tell her that its I am a child of God but she puts her hands on those little hips and gives me this look that says i know what iam talking about mom! Its so stinkin cute ! She is getting very excited for her birthday and asks every day if its her special day today but she will still have to wait a few more weeks i hope we can all last that long! Leif is getting to be an all out little brother and refuses to let emma be at peace he is taking great joy in bothering her when ever he can and thinks its hilarious when she gets so upset! it has been funny to watch, poor emma:) they are both excited for the baby and love to sit and watch my belly move . Leif always asks if he can "pet" the baby! What great kids! well that is all for now , we love you all and hope that you are all doing well and staying safe!

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Dad Simmons said...

Hi Haylie,

Just wanted to say hi,and that your dear old dad loves you. I am proud of you. Stay strong,and knowthat I am praying for you each day.