Monday, July 14, 2008

fun weekend

well another week has come and gone, again! I feel like July is flying by, but i'm okay with that:) as far as i'm concerned august can get here as fast as it wants! Thank you Jarleen and Cami for your messages, we miss you all so much! We hope that you have a good time this week when mark and Erica get there, give them all a hug for us! We wish we could have seen them too! I cant believe that Erica's due date is Christmas day! It will be one eventful Christmas this year! We are all doing well here just trying to beat the heat it gets up to about 100 degrees with a hundred percent humidity, sounds good huh? Mom, i bet you would complain about the heat out here:), maybe. we went and looked at cribs and other baby items on Saturday which was fun but man it can get expensive! we also went and saw the movie "Get Smart" boy was that funny! it was a lot more funny than i thought it would be! which was good i just feel stupid laughing right now every time i do my stomach shakes! My bowl full of Jelly! Oh well not too much longer with that i hope:) we got the kids some life jackets for the pool and tested them out. It took a little getting used to but they were getting daring with them as time went on. Emma is getting really brave and will now but her face in the water and blow bubbles and float on her back! Leif is not so trusting yet although he like to jump to daddy from the highest ledge at the pool, which makes me very nervous but her loves it!
Emma has her first cardiology check up out here on Wednesday so hopefully that will go well and i hope we like her doctor! we are pretty spoiled with Dr. Day so we shall see! she has had a pretty bad cold this weekend but looks like she is doing better today so hopefully she is on the mend. Leif has been loving having david around and loves to wrestle , which i love as well then i dont have to wrestle! i dont think leif likes that i cant really hold him anymore but he is just going to have to get used to it! david is still loving his job and we love that!

I hope that you all have a great week, I will update everyone on wed. after Emma's appointment! stay safe and have fun! love you all!

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