Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy fourth!

happy independence day! I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday! We started the day off with swimming in the pool, which is becoming a daily thing at our house:) its nice having it so close! the kids had a blast and love to swim and jump to David, i just get to sit there how nice is that?:) Our ward had a BBQ so we decided to check it out and see if we could meet some new people we just didn't think we would meet Katie's uncle!! Yep her uncle is in our ward and he is even in our bishopric! small small world eh? He was very welcoming and had some stories for us about his family . It was weird to talk to someone out here who knows Spanish fork so well! He is trying to rope David into scouting so we'll see how that goes:) he asked us what type of callings we have had and we really haven't had any because we haven't gone for so long but he sounds more than willing to give us some, LOL! I told him , as if he couldn't tell that i am having a baby and that is all i am concerned about right now! I don't think David will get so lucky though:) we had a great time visiting with everyone and getting to know them all better there are a good mix of people young and old and everyone is so nice and the kids made some friends so this week we have some play dates to go to! Emma and Leif were so excited to go see fireworks! Leif sadly thought Ed would be there and was a little upset when he wasn't! they were just getting to be friends! So tell Ed hi for us Bryan and Katie! Our town had some entertainment and then fireworks it was alot of fun , but wet! it rained so bad during the afternoon the ground was soaked but we still had a good time playing at the playground and listening to the good music and then watching the beautiful fireworks! what a great day! It was so nice to be all together and be able to be with David finally ! here are some pictures of our great day! love you all!


The Collett Family Tree said...

I am so excited that you all are in my Uncle's ward! He even called my family to tell them. Ed has been asking to play with Leif since you left. It has been hard to explain to him that Leif had to move. He loved seeing the pics on your blog- but now he is begging to play with Emma and Leif again. It is hard to be a kid!


Andrea Simons said...

GOsh, I miss you so much! But it looks like you are getting adjusted and starting to find your place there in Houston. LOve you lots!


Dad Simmons said...

Hello Haylie,

awesome pic's, it looks like you are doing well and adjusting. I think it is awesome to here that Katie's uncle is in your ward. Ya never know who you will run into. Stay good and take care. I love ya all very much. Have a great week.


J M said...

Hi Dave & Haylie and kids, It is so good to hear from you and see the pictures, love it. Hope you can keep this up as we are so interested in you all. Gpa Boyack and I send our Love.

The Boyacks said...

Haylie, So good to hear all about your new home. It looks like everyone is doing well. The kids look like they are having a ball. Glad that you had a good holiday we miss seeing you at Grandmas. Tell the kids that we say HELLO.


Jacobson Family said...

Hi Hayley we love your hair in the only picture you are in. We miss you so much.